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I've been where you are...I've spent countless hours for years working every advertising venue I could online: Ezines, Safelists, Banners, Start Pages, Exchanges, etc. What was the result? MAYBE one or two signups?

But I wanted to see greater results - I wanted a larger number to work with, to encourage - to bring me and them success. What I needed was... free-to-join programs. You've invested hundreds into advertising, I know. I'm afraid to total up everything I've spent to grow my downline! I've spent more than I've made, trust me - and I bet you can relate.

So you need to ask yourself...  

Free Guaranteed Signups For Your Affiliate or MLM Downlines - to programs that are free to join
Winter Sale - 25 signups only $10.99!
Or - Buy 500 - GET 500 FREE!

"Do I want my business to COST me money, or MAKE me money??"

Ezines, Safelists - all the others I mentioned above - are they working for you? Your next questions should be...

"Am I Satisfied with my methods of advertising and are they benefiting me?"
"Do I Want Advertising That Guarantees the Sign Ups I Need!??"

If you truly believe your program will make you money, then don't you need Guaranteed Signups to make that happen?

Any type of advertising is a percentage game. The more we can reach, the greater our success. Without a large downline, that success is minimal.

Ease that "percentage game" a bit - Buy Guaranteed Signups Today!

Recent testimony...January 10, 2006

I wish to say that I've dealt with Michelle at for several years, and have had nothing but success with her program. My last purchase with her was a sign-up order for 100 people...there has only been 27 fulfilled in the order campaign so far to date, (still 73 to go!!) but 2 of the sign-ups have already became upgraded members with the program I am marketing and I've totaled over $500 in commissions from them to date, and continues to grow!!! Michelle has nothing but integrity and great communication skills with all of her clients...
My hat off to!!!!

-Brian Hild

Recent testimony...January 1, 2006

Thank you very much - for your fast and professional service. Working with people like you and your team is a real pleasure. I make it a point to rub elbows with people of your class. I can already tell you folks are a cut above the rest. Net working at its best!

-Ralph Warren

Recent testimony...Client since October, 2005

Hi Michelle! It's good that you keep corresponding with your clients. I appreciate this and it's a good sign of good business. I hope I can get the result that I want from the signups. You've been great with regards to customer support and I'd love to do more business with you. Thank you very much!

-Resty Balahadia

Recent testimony...Client since May, 2005

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I did find you. I get a LOT of emails from other companies like yours, but so far, I haven't been tempted to change companies. It's hard to know who to trust out there, and the longer I'm in this business, the more that becomes clear to me, but my instincts tell me I can trust you, and so far you've done a great job! Just want to let you know that I really do appreciate you! ...Thank you for all your help!

-Nancy Shewell

Recent testimony...Client since 2004

You [Michelle] hold the highest calibre of professionalism, honesty and a very reliable service.
"Success Belongs To You!"

-Peter Burns

Recent testimony...Client since Feb 2005

I want anyone and everyone to know that this business is the best I have ever experienced on the internet. I have been in this business since it's first inception where the only thing you could do was chat online. I have ran across many a scam artist and spent a lot of money on the internet. This is the best money I have ever spent and with real to life people that work with you. If you don't believe this [me] you can contact me personally.

-Rebecca Burnley

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I am proud to announce a partnership with a great Service! This is a 100% benefit and improvement for You, My Friend! Why? Because this new service puts YOU in control! Before you had to wait over two weeks, and sometimes longer to see your signups start rolling in. Now, can get them going for you within two weeks or less!

Here's Your Benefits:

  • Your Guaranteed Signups are targeted to English-speaking signups interested in Business Opportunities
  • Your Guaranteed Signups can be tracked on your end and now our end
  • You get credit for fake signups, bad emails and/or duplicates
  • You ONLY pay for valid signups
  • You will have total customer support - we're on your side!
  • If time permits, don't be surprised if you get a phone call after your purchase - FREE phone consultation! (US & Canada only)

Stop wasting your valuable time and money - invest in bulk Guaranteed Signups today! By this time next month you could have hundreds in your downline - hundreds to work with to make Your Program successful for You! Remember, it takes only one or two golden downline members to bring you success - the more people you have in your downline, the greater your chances are of finding those two golden people!

See below our pricing packages for Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ" and our Terms and Conditions.

What sites/programs qualify for Guaranteed Signups? Click here to see if your program qualifies.

  • The Program must be free-to-join
  • The Program can have a paid, upgrade option (still, initially it needs to be free)
  • The Program must not require any type of payment info upfront (bank details, credit card info, etc.)
  • The Program cannot be a Paid To Read Email Service
  • You will have to follow your program's guidelines for obtaining downline members, as we will not be held responsible for
    fulfilling your signups order at your request, but your program does not allow their members to buy Guaranteed Signups. Read your
    terms/conditions in your program before ordering.
  • There must be a form to be filled out by the prospect and redirected to a thank you page (otherwise, there is no way to
    track the signups)

If you are unsure about your Program's qualifications, send me an email!

All Contact Information can be found at the bottom of this page or clicking the "contact link" above.


If your program is free to join, you are good to go!
If you are unsure about your program,
see a list of pre-approved programs by clicking here.

...due to large demand of signups - other orders.
Click here to see the programs running slow.

Program NOT free to join?
We'll deliver massive, targeted hits to your site.
Check out our Specials at!

Guaranteed Signups - Order Today!

Before placing an order - please read the following:

  • I cannot guarantee phone numbers
  • Country targeted campaigns will take longer - so be patient. :-)
  • You do not need to be a Paypal customer to purchase - you can order using a credit card. Paypal will just process it.
  • In a country Paypal won't take a credit card from? Email me for other payment options (see contact link above). I do
    not accept Stormpay. However I do accept e-gold and I can provide you with another credit card processor.
  • I'm here to respect you and serve you. I expect respect in return. I'm here to help you - never hinder you. Do know this.
  • After payment if you are not directed to a form (the form completion is a requirement), please come back and click here.

Click here for International Packages // Click here for Packages targeted to 40 plus countries
Click here for Packages targeted to Aus/Can/Ire/Jap/NZ/SAfr/UK/USofA

Click here for Custom Country Targeted Packages

*You will be redirected to a form after successful payment - there you will provide your program link and details.*

What's New from
Become NetIBA Certified & Purchase using Stormpay
14-Jan-2006 05:11A CST
Stormpay has recently announced lower processing fees for anyone NetIBA certified. This is great for merchants. Because of this, we have decided to start using Stormpay again. Soon we will accept payment from others that are NetIBA certified. Not certified? Signup with NetIBA today - choose from verifying your email address, phone and/or website. Not only will you receive lower fees as a NetIBA certified member within Stormpay - but you'll build your credibility on the internet.

Keep checking back here for our official launch of accepting pre-approved payments via Stormpay!
12DailyPro - running very slow
11-Jan-2006 06:17A CST
If you are reading this you already know the popularity of 12DailyPro. Due to this populariy, many of their members have been ordering signups. The more signups ordered, the slower all campaigns will go. For a few more weeks we will continue to take orders for 12DailyPro - so if you want to be placed in the queue - order right away. Once activated, it could take up to 45 days to see activity. However, this is well worth the wait. Remember, any good business you are building online demands your patience. This all is a marathon, not a sprint, to be enjoyed along the way. Read the 01.10.06 testimony on our site. He is referring to making $500 commission from two signups we sent him that upgraded.
NetIBA Certification
11-Jan-2006 07:00A CST
We are in the process of establishing our NetIBA certification - a step to assure you that we are real people working hard to serve you. Our phone number and email address are already verified, we are now simply waiting for the postal delivery of our PIN number to verify our physical mailing address.

We know you can trust us - but you don't know this. We have to earn your trust. This is one step towards that. After that - us serving you to our fullest will establish a great, trusting relationship.
Welcome Our New Activations Manager
10-Jan-2006 09:00A CST
We want to take this moment and welcome Bobbette Madonna as our new Activations Manager. Although she has been with for a year - we are proud to promote her at the start of 2006. She will be in charge of activating your campaign(s), issuing your login details to view sats on this end and assisting in keeping campaigns updated.

Bobbette brings over 10 years online experience and we are excited to have her!
Welcome to our "new" NEWS posting!
09-Jan-2006 04:13P CST
We've decided to create this section for special announcements such as: Program delays, new staff members, new services and anything else we feel necessary to pass on to you. We believe in offering you the best customer support available and believe this is a welcomed addition.

Check back for new posts. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We accept

(01.19.06) We are now taking
Stormpay Payments!
If you are NetIBA certified, we will process your order via Stormpay.

Have a large advertising budget? See our specials below of 2,000 Guaranteed Signups or more.


Subscriptions, Bulk and More! (Below packages are International only - your program must be open to all countries)

25 International Signups - Monthly 
50 International Signups - Monthly
75 International Signups - Monthly

Program must be open to all countries


Program must be open to all countries


Program Must be open to all countries


25 International Guaranteed Signups
50 International Guaranteed Signups
75 International Guaranteed Signups

Was $49 - Now Only $10.99

Was $69 - Now Only $19

Was $89 - Now Only $29

200 Int'l Guaranteed Signups
300 Int'l Guaranteed Signups
500 Int'l Guaranteed Signups

Was $300 for 300 - Now Only $110

Was $410 for 500 - Now Only $195

Was $499 - Now Only $365

2,000 International Guaranteed Signups
*Includes 100,000 Banner Impressions*
5,000 International Guaranteed Signups
*Includes 300,000 Banner Impressions*
10,000 Int'l Guaranteed Signups
*Includes 500,000 Banner Impressions*

Was $900 for 2,000 - Now Only $700

Was $2,200 for 5,000 - Now Only $1,600

Was $4,000 - Now Only $3,000

5,000 US/Canada Targeted Hits
10,000 US/Canada Targeted Hits
20,000 US/Canada Targeted Hits

(Email/Ph No collected for contact purposes only)
Alternative Email (non-paypal email and non-AOL)
Phone Number

(Email/Ph No collected for contact purposes only)
Alternative Email (non-paypal email and non-AOL)
Phone Number

(Email/Ph No collected for contact purposes only)
Alternative Email (non-paypal email and non-AOL)
Phone Number

Targeted to 40+ countries! (targeted to these countries - your program must be open to all countries listed )

25 Country Targeted
*Your program must be open to all of these*
Click here to see list of countries
50 Country Targeted
*Your program must be open to all of these*
Click here to see list of countries
100 Country Targeted
*Your program must be open to all of these*
Click here to see list of countries




Targeted to Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, UK & The USofA!
These campaigns will run slower - you will need to be patient. Remember, good things do not happen over night.

25 Country Targeted
(US/Can/UK/Japan/Aus/New Zeal/Ireland)
50 Country Targeted
100 Country Targeted




Custom Country Targeted Packages
If you have a program that is open to only select countries and you can't find them above, choose from the below packages.
After payment you will be directed to a form to complete your purchase - at which time you can
provide us with a list of the countries you want to target.
Is your program open to only the US? That's fine as well.
These campaigns will run slower - you will need to be patient. Remember, good things do not happen over night.

25 Custom Country Targeted
50 Custom Country Targeted
100 Custom Country Targeted




1. How does this work? Drives Our High Quality Targeted Customers To Sign Up To Your Program. These are People who are Very Interested in Signing up to a Free-To-Join Program. There is a difference between Highly Targeted and Non-Targeted Sign Ups.... High Targeted Sign Ups are people that will be more likely Become Paid Members to your program provided it suits their needs. However we do not guarantee that any or all sign ups will upgrade in your program.

Well, that leaves us with Non-targeted Sign Ups... I will not even sell them to you.... not worth your money....

You pay for your order through Paypal or E-gold. Make sure you insert your target URL in the "COMMENTS" section of the Paypal or E-gold screen.

2. What programs can I order sign ups for?

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST have a Free-to-Join program to order guaranteed signups. Free To Join Programs are becoming very popular now days.

It has to be free so new members can evaluate the site before they upgrade. If they didn't have the opportunity to do that, nobody would sign up! It's like buying a car without actually driving it first. This gives You a chance to meet your new sign ups and get to know them more personally and with your support hopefully they will upgrade to a paid member in your down line!

3. How long does it take to get my sign ups?

Your new members should start coming in within 2 week's time. Now once they start coming in, it is very difficult to predict HOW FAST they will come in. Working for success and acheiving success does not happen overnight. It takes time and you need to remember that. One other factor is the program's own benefits. If people like the program, they'll sign up for it.

If you are purchasing on a weekend, please expect my response/confirmation of your order by the next business day (Holidays excluded).

Our Office Hours have changed - PLEASE keep this in mind. T-Fri, 7am-12pm(noon) CST.

You may contact me at anytime! I'm here to serve you as your comfort level is very important to me.

Please Read Terms and Conditions Carefully for Very Important Details

  • By placing your order, you agree/accept the terms and conditions.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the use of purchasing signups is acceptable in your programs terms/conditions. Some programs do now allow it. If it is not listed within your program's terms/conditions then you are most likely free to buy signups. will NOT be held responsible if you are not following your program's terms/conditions.

  • NOW Provides LIVE STATS! First, your program will either send you email notifications of new signups, or you will need to login to your backoffice admin area to view them. Part of the new Service we have is that you can also check your stats from us. See more IMPORTANT details on this below.

  • We Guarantee at Least the Number of Sign Ups You purchase. Here's where the new service comes into play -- you DO NOT pay for duplicate or bogus signups. We provide you a login page to view the signups we send. If there are duplicates (many times there are) you can file a complaint and have that signup removed. This means you get credit for that duplicate signup. ABUSE THE COMPLAINT FORM AND YOU RISK BEING ABLE TO PLACE FUTURE ORDERS. The Complaint form is used so that you get actual credit of a signup. You have five days from the date they signed up for your program to file a complaint. After this, that credit is lost and no refund can be offered. If there is a discrepency, you agree to allow us to have temporary access to your member's panel so that we may compare data.

  • We Will Provide refunds on a Pro-Rata Basis! HOWEVER! We have Never not Delivered! We have strict guidelines in order to give you a refund. Many people have lied to me and taken advantage of me. In order to get ANY TYPE OF REFUND, you will need to provide proof by allowing me to see your backoffice admin panel and view the actual signups. Simply copying/pasting a list IS NOT PROOF! If you are not able to provide proof that your signups were not delivered, we cannot offer a refund. That is why you will NOW HAVE AN ACTIVE ROLE in the signups process - by filing a complaint. AGAIN, YOU ONLY HAVE FIVE DAYS TO FILE THE COMPLAINT so you must keep ontop of your signups coming in. Can't provide proof? If you will not allow us to have temporary access to your program downline admin panel, we can't provide a refund. You can temporarily change the password. Sorry, but we cannot accept "copying/pasting" of your downline as actual proof. We need access to have your campaign investigated. Remember though, I am very easy to work with and I will make sure you get your sign ups! Bottom Line!

  • We do not have control of what your sign ups actions are after signing up and do not guarantee that they will in any way continue or upgrade their membership. We do not offer compensation even if your client discontinues or cancels membership a day/week after they join. It is up to you and your program to keep them interested and continue.

  • All Sign Ups Will Be 'English Speaking' as this is Mandatory that they join our network.

  • We Must Review And Approve All Programs. We Will Let You know the Results Regarding Approval Within 24 to 72 Hours!! Thank you for your patience!

  • We reserve the right to change our program approval status at any given time.'Please understand' even though we may send you an email approving the program you submitted, we have the right to send notice to you that that program is no longer accepted. Why would this happen? Other orders from other brokers/providers have been submitted and the Provider simply ran out of leads to offer. I will notify you of this and offer you an opportunity to change your program - or we can put it on hold until leads open up - I strongly suggest using a different program.

  • It is My Policy that my customers Smile Often:) You are Finally dealing with a Customer Service Friendly Business owner this time! Please Do Not Hesitate to contact me if you have Any Questions. If your campaign has been issued and you have received an Order Ref. Number, please help me out by referencing it when you write. Easiest way is to keep the confirmation email that contains your Order Ref. Number and hit reply to it. Having instant access to your order number allows me to serve you in a timely manner - and it will make you happy I responded so quickly.

Contact me at any time!
I'm Looking Forward To Serving Your With A Smile!

Michelle Raybourn

I'm here to serve you! And I'm glad to be doing it. :-)

10 plus years online!

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